Information for Volunteers
This page is intended to provide information for those that wish to volunteer their time to aid Harvey victims. If you have advice for people please let me know! I will post it here.

If you decide to go help, log your hours and report them to the city you help, or the folks at Operation Blessing (  OB may be onsite so that you can report there.  But find a way to do it.   Quote from my friend Randy who is laboring in Port Aransas and Rockport: 
"When we returned to the rally point I learned a piece of info I thought I would share - the operation Blessing folks are very adamant about keeping time worked, especially chainsaws and heavy equipment. I assumed it was to get funding. Turns out it is for the city's benefit. They give this data to the city so that the city can turn in the hours to FEMA to reduce the city's FEMA bill. FEMA bill? Yep FEMA shows up, does their management and form filling, gives out money to people on their terms and then bills the city and state for their services. Like state farm coming in and paying claims and then billing the city for what they pay + management time."

Port Aransas access link - This site seems to stay updated on Port Aransas including hours of access if you want to help there.

Volunteers/Donors in Austin -  Great page with lot's of ways to help.  As it ages check for updates from the individual org.