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Devil's Cove (Devil's Hollow) Information on Lake Travis



Devil's Cove is the biggest party cove and meeting place for boaters on Lake Travis in Austin Texas. It is officially known as "Devil's Hollow".  Nearly all of the pictures on our "Lake Pics" pages are taken while tied up with other boaters in Devil's Cove on the weekends.  On a Holiday weekend you can expect hundreds or thousands of boats and many lines of "tie-up".  On normal summer weekends you can expect well over 100 boats of all sizes.  The parties can get pretty crazy.  The picture at the bottom of the pics page shows only the 50 or so boats tied to Endless Summer on a Holiday weekend.  We were only one of over 20 tie-ups!  The aerial shot is a bit deceiving, the other tie-ups were within swimming distance!  Since the cove is at best "difficult" to access by land, it is mostly a boat only meeting place.  If you are unfamiliar with the lake, Devil's Cove is the bigger cove across from Carlos n Charlie's.  CnC is probably the most popular bar/restaurant on Lake Travis and many boaters end up there after a day in the cove.  In many cases, there is a late night tie-up after dining and partying at CnC back in Devil's Cove!  The map below shows Devil's Cove in relation to CnC.  As you enter the cove you will see another smaller cove to your immediate left know as "Little Devil's" and it can be a nice place to anchor is your not into the big crowds.


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